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Medical Alley Association serves the individuals and organizations that comprise Minnesota's health industry by influencing policy, fostering connections and providing critical intelligence to improve the quality of health around the world.

Medical Alley Association serves the individuals and organizations that comprise Minnesota's health industry by influencing policy, fostering connections and providing critical intelligence to improve the quality of health around the world.

The Medical Alley Innovation Summit 2017 Brings First Investor Conference to Minnesota - September 18-19

Monday, April 3, 2017

40 Emerging Medtech Companies to Pitch to Investors, Along with Insightful Guest Speaker, Plenary and Panel Sessions

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MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Minnesota’s Medical Alley continues to experience unprecedented investment in emerging health technology companies that has piqued interest from investors around the world. The MedTech Strategist, a key information and investment conferences provider serving the global medical technology industry, has produced two of the world’s most successful events for investors and emerging companies, with summits in Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco, as well as a well-respected publication providing essential, impactful device industry perspective and insight. Today, The MedTech Strategistand the Medical Alley Association announce a partnership to co-host The Medical Alley Innovation Summit Minneapolis 2017, September 18-19 at the Marriott City Center.

This Summit provides a forum for innovative emerging medical technology companies seeking investment, joint venture or other relationships to gain exposure to venture capital, investment bankers and large medical device companies for the purpose of potential investment and/or strategic partnership. It is organized as a two-day business partnering and networking event, featuring 40 pre-screened start-up medical technology companies that will deliver 10-minute presentations, followed by meetings in private breakout rooms. The Summit will also feature thought-leading guest speakers, and plenary and panel sessions, all providing candid insight on topics of utmost importance to all stakeholders in the rapidly evolving global device marketplace. In attendance will bemany of the top medical device VCs and senior business development executives from Minnesota’s Medical Alley area, many other parts of the U.S., Europe, Asia and around the world, along with management teams from many of the most promising start-ups in the device space. For event and registration information, please visit https://www.innovationinmedtech.com/conference/medical-alley-innovation-summit-minneapolis-2017/.

“Despite Medical Alley’s standing as the preeminent medical technology destination in the world, our community does not have an event that brings investors into Medical Alley to look at companies. This opportunity to provide 40 companies with an audience of interested investors is exactly what we’ve been missing. We’re excited to join with The MedTech Strategist, as they have demonstrated that they can draw investors and have made a long-term commitment to a community like ours,” said Shaye Mandle, President and CEO, The Medical Alley Association.

“We are looking forward to working with the Medical Alley Association to present a world class medtech investor conference reflecting the richness of the Minneapolis medical device community,” said Stephen Levin, who, along with David Cassak, are the Editors-in-Chief of The MedTech Strategist. “This area is known globally as one of the leading medtech clusters, housing all the elements necessary to create a thriving sector – large companies and start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors, providers and payers. As with our meetings in Dublin and San Francisco, we are excited to be able to bring companies and investors from all over the world together with local area players to showcase this hub of medical technology innovation.” The excitement is obvious, as the event has lined up the following Steering Committee:

Steffen Hovard, President, Global Urology, Coloplast Corporation
Sheri Dodd, VP & GM, Patient Management Services, Medtronic
Jodi Hubler, Managing Director, Lemhi Ventures
Rob Kieval, Founder & CTO, CVRx
Tom Letscher, Partner, Fox Rothschild
Jeff McCaulley, former President & CEO, Smiths Medical
Jeff Mirviss, SVP & President, Peripheral Interventions, Boston Scientific
Kirk Nielsen, Managing Director, Versant Ventures
Jim Rogers, Chair, Mayo Clinic Ventures
Stacy Enxing Seng, Partner, Lightstone Ventures
Dr. Dennis Wahr, President & CEO, Holaira
Nicole Walker, Principal, Baird Capital

Medical Alley: The Global Epicenter of Health Technology and Care
We’re home to the organizations that have defined healthcare – Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, 3M Healthcare, United Health Group, Boston Scientific, Smiths Medical. We’re where healthcare and technology expertise blend to drive the Digital Health revolution, from Optum to Zipnosis, Sansoro Health and Learn to Live. We’re where frontiers are being explored and lives are being saved, from the National Marrow Donor Program Headquarters and the Mayo Center for Regenerative Medicine, to game-changing companies like Stemonix, Rebiotix and CVRx. Medical Alley ranks as world’s #1 Health Technology Cluster for innovation, outpacing Northern California, Boston, and Israel. In 2015, Medical Alley was enshrined in the Smithsonian as one of 6 American “Places of Invention.”

The Medical Alley Association

Since 1984, the Medical Alley Association has been the front door to Medical Alley. WE ARE the collective voice and expertise of Medical Alley; the strategy, implementation and execution vehicle of the Medical Alley Community. WE DELIVER the collective influence, intelligence and interactions that support Medical Alley’s global leadership. For more information, visit www.medicalalley.org.

The MedTech Strategist

The MedTech Strategist, a leading information and investment conferences provider focused exclusively on the under-served medtech market, is led by managing partners and co-editors-in-chief David Cassak and Stephen Levin, along with a seasoned editorial team and staff. The company launched The MedTech Strategist, a publication broadly covering the most important topics and trends in medical devices today, in September 2014. Featuring a wide range of editorial offerings — from interviews with industry leaders to stories on leading companies, profiles of ground-breaking start-ups and analyses of dynamic clinical markets and technology trends — The MedTech Strategist, in 18 issues per year (40-52 pages per issue), explores how innovation plays out in all of its various forms — clinical, technological, business model, marketplace, and financing — in the global medical device arena. For subscription information and current offers, as well as coverage in the 380+ articles published to date, and information on upcoming medtech investment events, please visit the company’s website.


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